Here’s How to Know if Your Employer Wants to Fire You

If you think your employer doesn’t want to work with you any longer, you are at the right place. This blog will help you decide if your employer wants to replace you with some other person – keep reading to find out more!

1. Everything is Documented

Another tell-tale sign that your company wants you to quit and leave is that everything you do is now being documented.

In the beginning, the feedback about your work used to be informal, and if you did make mistakes, the mistakes were usually pointed out to you in private – with a casual or even a friendly talk.

You might be experiencing a massive change where everything involves paperwork. You are being asked to fill out timesheets – so the company can track how you spend your every minute. The feedback you get is now written, and the communication is mostly through email chains where your boss is copied.

If you are getting pushed from your job, this aspect of keeping everything written might also be an attempt for them to scare you off. It could also be a way to intimidate you so you would become even more stressed out and insecure and start looking for another job.

Additionally, if your company eventually opts to fire you – according to the law – any employer has to have a valid reason to do so, which is why they are taking notes of all your actions and conduct.

Of course, they are waiting for you to make any mistake to document it instantly.

2. Work Gets Taken Away

Another tell-tale sign that you are being pushed out of your job is when your work gets taken away. You might have used to work on exciting projects – but – right now, your work is getting re-assigned. You are being dumped into an area or division with tasks that are an apparent dead end for your career at the company.

Whenever your boss starts giving away your tasks – the ones that you always used to do – or the ones that you might enjoy doing – without any clear explanation, this is a massive tell-tale sign that your company wants you to leave.

Typically, it indicates that the company no longer values you – or – they don’t trust you to do these tasks anymore.

Instead, they might have started putting you on low-profile projects – or – some entry-level tasks that junior employees might just do. If this happens, the message is clear to you – they want you to leave the company.

For example, your employer might not allow you to work from home after an accident. If you get injured in an accident and can’t rejoin your workspace, you should first get legal assistance.

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3. You Don’t Participate in Meetings

Have you been recently excluded from meetings and conversations? Communication is vital to every department and every company. So, you are definitely being pushed out of the circle when you are not included in meetings, calls, or emails.

This is specifically true if every other employee is included – but – your manager is hardly communicating with you anymore. Most of the communication is now through email – yet – they exclude you from those emails that contain some essential information.

Also, whenever you would like to speak to them, they might claim they are very busy. Your colleagues might have started avoiding you as well. This can only happen if your colleagues have already picked up your status as an undesirable employee and don’t want to be associated with you anymore.

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